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Monumental Inscriptions of Potterspury

Church of St Nicholas


The Monumental Inscriptions are from the Village Church of St Nicholas.


  1. On the south wall on a black marble tablet :-

In memory of
Joseph Scrivener, Gent
and ELIZABETH his wife
whose remains are here interred.
He departed this life
April 21st 1808
aged 75 years.
She departed this life
Jany the 1st 1780
aged 41 years.


  1. On a pillar near the chancel is a brass tablet

To the Glory of God
and in memory of
for 45 years Vicar of Potterspury and Yardley
Born 28 December 1819.
Died 14 March 1897

This tablet is erected by Parishioners as a token of universal respect and affection for their late Vicar.


On the west wall near the tower, is an oval shaped marble tablet:

A kind friend to the poor and zealous in all good works.

In Memory of
born Aug. 4 1815
died 1898


On the floor of the nave – near the west tower.

In Memory of

  1. Richard Scrivener
  2. Richard his son, who died 31 May 1763 aged 69.
  3. William Scrivener who died 1 Jan 1707 aged 33.

This slab was originally on the wall.

Close to the Tower and higher than the above is a worn out stone

Memory of the Rev. Robert-Harding
who was vicar of this Parish for
nearly 40 year. died 15 Ap. 1767
aged 61.

(slab was originally on the wall of the North aisle). Close to these is a brown stone.

Memory of Mrs Harding, daughter of …. died 30 March 1745
aged 46.

Before rebuilding the South porch in 1848 there was an inscription, on one of the steps going down into the Church.

To the memory of
late of Wakefield Lodge
who died 29 Apr 1673.

No trace of it can be found now.

Chancel Floor

South Side of the Table, on a black stone North Side, on black stone

In Memory of
wife of
Died 30 Aug 1775 aet 53.
also of the above
THOMAS BEDFORD, Steward to the Duke of Grafton. Died 16 May 1783 Aet 63.

Also of
BAACHUS Died 23 March 1698
Aet 48.

In Memory of ANN,
daughter of JOHN and
ANN ROPER who died
1 Oct. 1818 Aet 19.


of the above named JOHN ROPER
who died 28 Oct 1837.
Aet 80


of ANN his wife who died
9 Oct. 1841 aged 74.


North Aisle.

On small neat tablet of White Marble :-

In Memory of
upwards of 36 years Vicar of this parish, who died April 5th 1827
aged 78 years.

of ANNE HELLINS his widow, who died June 3rd 1827. Aged 72.

of ANNE, daughter of ROBERT and ELIZABETH MEDLAND, of
North Tawton, Devon.
who died April 15th 1823 aged 19.

Their remains are interred in the Church Yard at a short distance
from this post

(this tablet was originally over the porch).


to the Memory of
Fourteen years Vicar of this Parish.
He departed this life December viith 1841.
Aged 72.


This Tablet was erected by his Parishioners as a tribute of affection and esteem.

“Remember them which have rule over you, Who have spoken unto you the word of God.” Hebr. xiii., 7 ver.

Below this tablet is a brass tablet :-

Barrister-At-Law Inner Temple, London,
and of the Victoria Bar, Australia.
Only son of the REV. GOWEN EVANS, M.A.,
Vicar of this Parish,
born at Towcester, Feb. 19, 1826.
Died at Shortlands, Beckenham, Kent,
Oct 6. 1897.

Interred in Potterspury Cemetery.
This memorial has been erected by some of his many friends in England. A public Memorial in the Cathedral at Melbourne also records his worth and services.


On a marble slab

to the Memory of
who died 14 Apr. 1834, aged 74;
also of Amelia, his wife,
who died 1st Febr., 1833.
Aged 71.

Their son, died 3rd Jan. 1837, aged 43.
who died 23 May, 1846.
Aged 55.

died 24 JAN., 1864
Aged 71.

His remains are interred in the Cemetery belonging this Church.

died 7 Oct., 1865.
Aged 68.


Within the chancel rails on the north side is an uninscribed tomb with a black marble covering slab, over which on a black circular headed marble tablet within a firestone frame is the following :-

Here lyeth ye body of Gabriel Clarke late of Pottersurie in ye County of Northamptn Gent who dyed a Batchelor Ye Xth Day of April An’o Dn’I 1624 being of Ye age of 72 Years and 3 months, who gave XLi in memory to be put forth yearely for ever and th use thereof to be bestowed upon ye repayre of this Parishe Church, & one annuitie of XLs out of his Mills called Williat Mills in ye said County of Northamptn  to be paid quarterly reppr this Gravestone to X of the poorest people of Potterspurie for ever, and divers other legacies to pious and charitable uses as Appearth by this Will.


On the south wall on a plain tablet :-

In Memory of
late Gardiner
To His Grace the Duke of
whom he served faithfully
at Wakefield Lodge
Sixteen Years.

He died the 28th of June, 1742.
Aged 45.

South Aisle


1. On a Marble Tablet, surmounted by arms, quarterly, 1 & 4. Ar. three Torteauxes each charged with fleur de lis O. on a chief. Az. a bugle horn. O Between two pheons. Ar. Barrow 2 & 3. Ar. a lion rampant O Llyoyd.

This Marble
are deposited
the remains of
with those of ANNE,
his Relict.

He   1 Oct. 1744 aged 63.
She   31 March 1757 aged 66.

Examples in each state of life, Friend Husband, Father, Mother, Wife.

This monument was erected to their Memory by Mr John Easton, of Northampton

2. Tablet :-

Erected to the Memory of
who died at Towcester, Febr. 6, 1847.
Aged 62.

Also of ELIZABETH his wife,
died at Penkhull, Staffordshire,
June 11th 1850, aged 73

Their remains are interred
in the new burial grounds of this Parish.
John xi 26.27


3. At the east end is a tablet of black marbel within a freestone frame, with an helmet and crestm quartlerly, 1 & 4. Ar. A Fess between three crescents. G. Ogle, 2 & 3. O. An orle Az. Bertram. Crest out of a ducal coronet. G; A Bull’s head. O. armed Az.

Here Leith buried the body of Cuthbert Ogle Esquire. He was Lieutenant of Whittlewood Forrest and lived in the said Forrest 42 years. He gave three pounds a year for ever towards maintenance of a preacher at Potterspury amd three pounds a year for ever to buy bread to be weekly distributed among the poor people of Potterspury and Yardley Gobion. He was also a good benefactor to the poor people of Northampton and the poore that dwelt neare about him. He was aged 76 Yeares and dep’ted this life The 25 day of August An’o D’ni 1633.

This Monument was erected to set up The 24 day of June 1634 at the cost and charge of Beatrix his wife now living.

At the foot of the above monument and fixed to the stone floor is a brass figure of a female, 1 foot 4 inches long, with her hands elevated and joined; she has on a small hat with turned up brim and a twisted band, quilt ruff; and the front of her dress embroidered. Arms, mantling, helmet and crest; quarterly 1 & 4. Ar. a dexter hand couped and erect within a bordered engrailed S. crescent for difference. Mandley or Manley, 2. & 3. a bend erm… Crest. On a wreath, a man’s head full-faced couped at the shoulders and wreathed round the forehead.e

Here Leith the body of Anne Ogle the wife of Cuthbert Ogle. Lieutenant of the Forrest of Whittlewood who departed This life the xxix of May. An Dom, 1616 and beareth the arms of the Mandleys out of which house she descended.

On a pillar in the same aisle and facing Ogles Monument are The Arms of Gabriel Clarke. Argent, on a bend gules between three aunulets sable as many Swans proper; on a sinister canton azure a demy-ram argent armed or pierced through with an arrow silver, in chief two fleurs de lis Gold. (There arms originally rested on Gabriel Clerke’s Monument in the Chancel).

Close by is a Book of Homilies restored to the Church by the kindness of the late Rev. W. Lowe, who resided for several years in this parish.

Inserted in th back of the chancel pews is a neat plain brass cross bearing the following inscription :-

Born 16th Nov. 1832
Died at Wakefield Lodge
April 22 1903.


The following is a copy of the Table of benefactions fixed on the wall of the west porch :-

A list of the several benefactions given to the poor of Potterspury and Yardley Gobion, and also those given towards the repairs of this Church. Also those given for all other uses, as they stood the 5th of April, 1783 :-

Viz, Cuthbert Ogle Esqr of Wakefield Lodge gave the sum of £100 to Trustees, to be placed out at Interest, or laid out in purchase of lands, half the interest or rents and profits of which to be given to the Minister for the time being, and the other half to be given in bread to the poor of Potterspury and Yardley, by the Minister and Overseers of the poor for ever.

Gabriel Clarke, Gent. gave the intst of £10. now increased to £11. to be applied towards the repairs of the Church for ever. Mr Gabriel Clarke also gave £2 per annum, to be given by their Minister, Church Wardens, and Overseers of the poor to ten of the poorest and industrious families of Potters pury. and charged his Estate called Williat Mills near Thrapston with the payment of it for ever. Thos. Addington gave the Int of £3,  Mr. Thos. Barrow gave the Int of £6, Hen Harris gave the Int of £5, Thos Peddar gave the Int of £5, Mr Buskins gave the Int of £2 10s to be given by the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor to the poor of Potters Pury for ever. Nicholas Saxby, Gent, about Yaer 1624, gave to Trustees a house and premiuses in Buckingham called The Talbott Inn, the rents and profits of which to be applied to repairs of this Church for ever, or the repairs of bridges, in Potters Pury and Yardley, or towards the relief of sick, poor, lame of diseased people of Potters Pury and Yardley, or to all the said uses, or to any of them, or to any other use or uses, whatsoever which the majority of the Trustees shall think proper. Mary Harris gave 10s/- yearly to be laid outin purchasing books to be given to the poor Children of Pooters Pury and Yardley, and charged her Estate at Yardley. lately purchased by His Grace the Duke of Grafton, and Saml. Marriot with the payment thereof for ever, Mr Richard Scrivener gave the Intst of £10, Thos Woodward gave the Intst of £5, Mr Buskins gave Intst of £2 10s, Heny Harris gave the Intst of £5, to be given by the Churchwardens and overseers of the poor to the poor of Yardley for ever, Will’m Peake gave 30/- a year to purchase two green gowns for two poor widows, and charged his Estate at Puxley with the payment of it for ever.


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