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Sorry this facility is not available currently because of family commitments, but please send through your request and when i can resume i will look at it.

For those people who do not have easy access to the Records Office in Northampton and do not have a personal copy of the Parish Records on microfiche. You can ask for a search to be perform on the Church of England records of St Nicholas.

Reference Christening Marriages Burials
272p/1 1674-1727 1681-1725 1678-1727
272p/2 1727-1740 1728-1740 1727-1740
272p/3 1767-1788   1767-1788
272p/4 1789-1812   1789-1812
272p/5 1813-1847    
272p/6 1848-1879    
272p/7   1754-1774  
272p/8   1774-1799  
272p/11     1813-1864

Other searches for more recent events will take longer as a visit to the church is required.

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