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Furtho Church, Near Potterspury

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The Church of St Nicholas at Potterspury, which contains a Norman pillar and is mentioned in the Domesday Book, is in urgent need of considerable repair.

A report made by the Diocesan Surveyor has revealed that, although the church is in pretty good condition, a great deal of money and running into thousands of pounds will be needed to bring it to a state of good repair.

The Parochial Church Council is now awaiting an estimate of the cost and a detailed list of the defects before launching an appeal to the parishioners and sympathisers to assist.  There is already a free-will offering scheme in existence and it is likely that an attempt will be made to widen the scope of this.

The Vicar, the Rev. R.G. Richards, told the “Express” that the repairs will obviously be a case of first things first, and this means that the first consideration will be the roof of the church.

At present the roof is being penetrated by water, largely because the lead sheets have slipped in many places, thus leaving a gap through which the rain seeps.  Many of the repairs necessary would be “first aid”, but the Vicar said that this did not mean that they could take their time over them, for any unnecessary delay would tend to multiply the troubles.

Over the years the Church Council has spent a good deal of money on such “first aid” repairs, including the flooring of the south aisle.  It is known that similar work will have to be carried out on the nave and the north aisle.

The Rev. R.G. Richards is also Vicar of Yardley Gobion, and he reports that the inspection carried out of St. Leonard’s Church in that village does not reveal so dark a picture as at Potterspury.  This building is in a state of pretty good repair.


HANDWRITING:                The beautiful old Elm Tree under which so many children had played and old people rested seemed not to take kindly to modernisation and gradually began to fade.  It was felled in 1976.






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